Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Improve Your Newsletter

By Margie Church, Copywriter/Editor

You probably think of your newsletter as a worthy expense, but have you ever thought about generating a return on investment from it? Converting to an electronic newsletter can save money, and perhaps for the first time, generating income. How?

Be a good steward of our planet's natural resources.

Saving printing and mailing costs is an obvious benefit, but there's more. E-newsletters allow you to embed hyperlinks in the copy. Readers can react instantly to your stories by clicking on direct links to pages on your website for more information, loan applications, sign-up for services, etc. Think of the income this could generate and the time it could save members!

Additionally, electronic communications indicate to members that you're efficiently managing your budget—their investments. Use the savings for other projects.

Your newsletter is packaged as a PDF or HTML document, whichever you prefer, and posted on your website. Delivery is instantaneous. Members read at their convenience and don't clutter their homes with paper copies.

Use a statement stuffer to alert members of your newsletter's availability. Create a banner or announcement on your home page with a hyperlink to the current issue. Add “newsletter available” to your customer electronic alerts. Create a library of previous issues for members' reference.

Have you ever wanted to add another page, but didn't because of the additional production, printing, and postage costs? If you're using electronic delivery, e-newsletters let you add pages with usually nominal production and copywriting charges.

Readers also have the ability to forward your newsletter with a click of the button, broadening your message exposure with no extra cost. Think of this as a personal endorsement. Forwards can increase membership and the success of whatever you're promoting.


We'd like to hear what works in your newsletters and what your challenges are. How do your members react to your newsletter? If you had your druthers, what would your newsletter be like?

We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps even working together.

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