Monday, June 25, 2012

Time to Kick Butt on Credit Card Promos

By John Blom and Margie Church

According to, the average interest rate on cash back cards is 16.39%. Balance transfer cards come in at 16.14%, and rewards card rates at 15.48%.*

Those rates are higher than most credit union credit cards. Heck, they're even higher than a lot of personal lines of credit that credit unions offer, too. Lots of these cards feature 0% introductory rates and afterward, a variable rate. All this has me wondering why credit unions aren't knocking down doors with summer credit card promotions. Last time I checked (which was this morning), Americans were still trying to pay down their credit card debt and carefully manage any new debt.

If your CU offers a rate lower than these and especially if you have a fixed rate and no balance transfer fee, this seems the perfect time to offer a pre-qualified or pre-approved offer. Dig into your data to find those members without your card and give them a hand up, credit unions! 

A razor-sharp direct mail piece that illustrates the savings could be a welcome sight in your members' mailboxes. The lower rate just might make them feel better about using credit to have a little fun for a change. Transferring a balance to save on interest payments and pay off the debt faster can be a real relief.  

Include a Personal URL with your direct mail and email to make it easy to communicate to your member and get an immediate response. Sending an email as a follow-up to your product offer is also a friendly reminder!

Using pre-screened data makes this campaign targeted and super cost-efficient. The end result is a higher ROI and a high-five from your lending department. Maybe you'll even have some budget left over to run a second flight. And we all know how important frequency and reach are. 

In the member's eyes, you guys are heroes, and the relationship between you deepens. Looks like a win-win for everyone.

Summer credit card promotions.  Simple. Fast. Profitable. rates 6/21/2012.

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