Thursday, May 17, 2012

Did you miss these?

By John Blom and Margie Church

We spend most of our time at our "home" blogging about credit union marketing techniques and philosophies. As always, our goal is to help you become better and more successful at your job. Recently, our peers have published some of our work. If you haven't read these articles, please do. You're bound to gain some new insights.

At The Financial Brand:
Harnessing the Power of Email: 3 Strategies for Financial Marketers
Learn ways to build success and confidence using email marketing.

Targeting Gen Y: Rich Opportunities with Direct Marketing
This diverse audience has lots of needs and issues. Learn how to engage the group with age-appropriate messages that aren't expensive or complicated to create.

At CUinsight:
Stop the Slow Leak in Your Credit Union's Auto Loan Portfolio
Building a solid loan retention program today can help you from losing millions in future auto loans.

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