Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Option for Electronic Marketing

Microsoft® Tag is another bar code option for tying print advertising to your customers' mobile devices. With a click of a smartphone, the Tag provides a direct link to whatever landing page you choose. Like the QR Code, Tag eliminates the need for typing a URL or SMS message.

Choosing to use Tag instead of QR Codes is a personal choice.  Tags perform the same way as QR Codes, but have a few differences.

  • Color can be used in the code design, which allows more creativity. Your logo or a photo, for example, could be incorporated in the Tag design.  There are options to create highly-custom Tag; however you must weigh that against the ability to read the code reliably.
  •  The free Tag Reader is the only application that can read a Tag. There are a number of applications that will read QR Codes.
  • Tag can be printed smaller in size than a QR Code, conserving space.
  • Tag scanning is less light-sensitive. The reflective qualities of paper can sometimes make scanning QR Codes fickle.
  • Reporting analytics for Tag are gathered at the click, whereas they are gathered at the landing page for a QR Code. Analytics at the click allows advertisers to know geographically, date, and/or time the Tag was scanned.

Global intelligence leader, the Nielson Company, says 25 to 54 year-olds comprise 70 percent of smartphone users. Many of the people in that age range have stable jobs and have put down community roots. In other words, they fit the profile of your credit union. Being an early adapter of these tools indicates your credit union is savvy about meeting customers on their turf. 

Pinpoint Direct Marketing can generate the free Tag and QR Code for you, but more importantly, we develop the appropriately-formatted landing pages for them. The landing page can be changed without affecting the Tag or QR Code. We also can help you create new promotions around the codes and implement them in existing campaigns.

Which appeals to you more? Tags or QR Codes? We'll help you decide. Contact us.

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