Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Time for a Better Auto Loan Strategy

 We're your pit crew for auto loan growth.

Automotive manufacturers have been advertising heavily since November. It's time to capitalize on this momentum and put your auto loan portfolio in overdrive.


By appending your MCIF or DP information with other sources, such as NADA data, we'll develop a highly relevant, personal offer for members. We'll also position an offer to prospects for a well-rounded, irresistible campaign that brings in loans for purchases and refinancing.

Springtime is primetime for auto loan campaigns. Auto manufacturers are pouring on the ads. Sales are up, rates are down. Don't miss out. Click here to get started.

And after you've finished with making one of the smartest decisions of the first quarter, have a little fun with us, too. Here's one of our favorite Super Bowl commercials. And here's another. Enjoy!


  1. Consider the date if you're planning to avail of a car loan. clearing out inventories happens on the last month of the year so expect the automakers to roll out a wide array of zero interest financing offers during the month of December.

  2. Absolutely! Additionally, sales personnel are wanting to bolster not only their December bonus but year-end bonuses. They are anxious to deal.

    Thanks for coming by, Juanita.

  3. Consider the date if you're planning to account of a car loan. allowance out inventories happens on the aftermost ages of the year so apprehend the automakers to cycle out a advanced arrangement of aught absorption costs offers during the ages of December.

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